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Different menus in different pages for WordPress.

Different Menus is really a simple yet helpful WordPress plugin by ReCorp, which enables you to set the different menus in any theme location and different devices as per specific conditions. So, you can have different menus in different posts, pages, templates, categories, products pages etc. It works with Divi theme, Genesis theme and any WordPress theme  that uses the standard WordPress menu function.

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  • Different menu in different pages has easy setup settings page layout.
  • Different Menus can easily add, edit or delete from it’s settings page.
  • Menu Duplicator option.
  • You can set unlimited menus with different conditions.
  • Ability to add menu in Home page, Front page, Blog page, Sticky Post, Single post, Right to Left Page, 404 (page not found), Search pages etc pages.
  • Template pages, post types, taxonomies can be set in different menu.
  • Set different menus in different devices (android, iPhone, mobile and tablet).
  • Different menus for different countries. For this, you can use multilingual menu very easily without Google Menu Translator.(new)
  • Search option in settings page, so you can find your desired page very quickly. (new)
  • Set user roles in a different menu. So only selected role users will see the different menu.
  •  Set different menu from a post’s or page’s add or edit page.
  • Ability to disable any menu for temporary time.
  • Auto update option. So when this plugin will update then also your site will automatically  updated this plugin. (new)
  • Backup and Restore settings option.
  • Options will disable if you already set that option to another menu of same menu location. For this there will never conflict with any menus.
  • Ajax live update and modern style
  • Unlimited different menus can be created.
  • Get support immediately.


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If you found the plugin not work or you have any questions then feel free to tell us.

Refund Policy: We know you will love our plugin. If you found any issue any time then don’t hesitate to tell us. We’ll refund you immediately if we can’t fix that.

 See the documentation.

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7 reviews for Different Menus in Different Pages – WordPress plugin

  1. Moses (verified owner)

    This plugin does what it says it does and it’s so simple to use! This was exactly what i need! I’m delighted!

    Thank you so much

    • recorp

      Thank you for your review!

  2. Jeffrey Holland (verified owner)

    Exceptional plugin, exactly what I was looking for! I needed to show Android users a different set of menu items than iOS users and was looking for hours to find an easy solution. Love the backup and restore option, too..

  3. Stefan Eady (verified owner)

    Who needs a bloated membership plugin. All you need is this as long as the menu is the only navigation you have. I had to restrict access to some pages too and used Restrict Content (free) plugin but this is great for me with different levels of membership – my committee have their own menu options, me as admin my own too.


    • recorp (verified owner)

      Thanks for your review

  4. Thorned Rose (verified owner)

    This plugin does exactly what I was looking for and does it well to boot, thank you for this nice plugin.

  5. Huan Pham (verified owner)

    I use the free version and soon see that this is a great plugin.

  6. Signel (verified owner)

    I was search for this plugin very long time. This one really do a great job!

  7. Moohamat Thoiruddin (verified owner)

    This is awesome. Been looking for this 3 days. And found this is a great plugin. Thanks for saving me today…

    • recorp (verified owner)

      We are very happy to hear that.

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